Sun-Mar Home

With Sun-Mar the choice is as simple as the solution…

We have a Sun-Mar waterless toilet system for every living situation; Caravans, Boats, Weekenders, Granny Flats, Sheds, Queenslanders, you name it!

Our Sun-Mar products also meet your access to or preference of water and power consumption; – mains or solar powered – microflush or a completely waterless toilet system.


Economical and Ecological

Sun-Mar’s composting toilets are the most technologically advanced systems available in the market. We offer the widest variety of waterless and flushing pedestals options. You can choose between urine diverting, microflush and 100% waterless operation.

A Sun-Mar is perfect for the vacation home or as an additional toilet. They are even better as your full-time use system inside your home. As the price of water and sewerage connection increases, managing your home’s water supply and output has never been so easy. It’s the best eco toilet choice available.